Youth Philanthropy Initiative

Youth Philanthropy Initiative

This is a project involving secondary school pupils with the aim of getting them involved with local charities. Groups of pupils choose a charity which has an emphasis on some aspect of social care, and they do some research in their chosen field. They then do a presentation to their fellow pupils. The winning group then goes forward to national level, and the ultimate winning group wins £3000 for their chosen charity. Some groups also fundraise for their chosen groups.

We have been involved with several schools so far, St Margaret’s School for Girls, Ellon Academy, Banchory Academy, Elgin High School, Mackie Academy and two groups at Keith Grammar School. So far, we haven’t been in the top slot, but we have been in the semi finals. All this exposure means that eating disorders awareness is raised in schools, and for that we are immensely grateful. We are also very appreciative of any fundraising activities the schools undertake.

We cannot speak too highly of the enthusiasm and commitment of all the young people we have worked with.



University Freshers Fairs 2013

NEEDS (Scotland) were able to attend the Freshers’ Fayres at both Aberdeen University and The Robert Gordon University. This raises awareness of eating disorders, and also about our group and the support we offer. It also provides the opportunity for anyone to share their concerns, or perhaps offer assistance to the group in some way.


Don’t ever let worries about food or weight hold you back