As our fresh and new website goes live, there are a few people, whose time and talents have to be recognised and acknowledged.


George Baird of Resourceful.IT, for his talents, flare and oceans of patience during the development of the website.


Alison Fitzgerald, committee member and facilitator, for her support and IT skills in mapping out and designing the content.


Dr Philip Crockett, Consultant Psychiatrist at the Eating Disorders Service, Royal Cornhill Hospital, Aberdeen, for his advice and support on medical issues.


Dr Jane Morris, Consultant Psychiatrist, Eden Unit, Royal Cornhill Hospital, Aberdeen, for her support and advice on maintenance and recovery after an eating disorder.


Stewart Mitchell, of Earthly Light Photography, for allowing us to use some of his amazing photographs.


Past and present members of our committee and group members who have given advice, support and testimonials.


Irene Kerr, our administrative assistant who is our linchpin, and will be keeping our website updated.