We had a really uplifting look at what we enjoyed about Christmas at our December meeting. Favourite songs/carols, activities, decorations and smells were discussed, and throughout it was very noticeable how many smiling faces there were. Christmas does bring its challenges and we hope our suggestions on coping with the season help. They will be emailed out to group members. If you have any helpful ideas please send them in and we will include them next year.

Beat are running online support groups around Coping with Christmas in December for under 18s.

The Recovery Club is for anyone struggling with an eating disorder, at any stage of recovery.

The Young Carers’ Club is for friends, brothers, sisters or children of someone with an eating disorder.
We have some guest speakers including author and blogger Ali Valenzuela, Kat a Beat young ambassador, Ed, a sibling whose brother has recovered and Jenny Grunwald, an expert in supporting young carers. The website is

All the volunteers at NEEDS(Scotland) would like to wish all their group members, families and friends a very happy Christmas and all our best wishes for the New Year ahead.

Next group meeting is on Monday 5th January 2015 at 7.30pm in the Macrobin Centre, Royal Cornhill Hospital.

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