Xmas shopping

Christmas shopping online? Support NEEDS(Scotland)!


It’s getting to that time of year…..Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Markets… If you prefer to do your shopping online, please remember us at NEEDS(Scotland). Have a look at the Help us section of this website and you will find a link to

Once you register to support us, you are only a click away from getting donations from many of the popular retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis and Marks and Spencers for our charity! You can do all your grocery shopping or even book flights or a holiday through this site.

All the donations mount up and currently we have £156.46 raised so far, just by shopping, but clicking on easy fundraising first! Don’t delay….register today, and carry on shopping!

Cheque Donation

Rosehill TSB’s final fling!

For the past year the Rosehill Branch of the TSB have tirelessly and very inventively raised money on behalf of NEEDS(Scotland). This partnership is now at an end and today, Heather was presented with a cheque for £1838.11. This is almost double what the branch was aiming to raise, and we are absolutely delighted.

We can’t thank the Rosehill Branch staff and customers enough for this fantastic achievement. We must also thank Amanda Bain, the former Assistant Manager who has since moved to be manager at the Castle Street branch, and Sam, who is holding the right hand side of the cheque. Sam Mitchell has been the charity co-ordinator and worked very hard to organise events, and has also attended several events which we have organised using monies raised.

We have purchased various items to make the group room more welcoming, and now intend to start an Arts and Crafts group. this money will go a long way to help with venue costs and materials. Thanks again, folks!


Cheque Donation

2015 July AUSA Disbursement Ceremony cheque

Aberdeen University students award cheque to NEEDS(Scotland)

Aberdeen University Students’ Association held their Disbursement Ceremony at the Sir Duncan Rice Library on 24th June 2015. NEEDS(Scotland) were delighted to be presented with a cheque for almost £1400 at the event. We hope to hold a conference day for group members with speakers and workshops in March 2016 using these funds.

Committee members Alison Lynch and Heather Cassie (Chairperson) attended the ceremony and received the cheque.

2015-July AUSA Disbursement Ceremony cheque

Alison and Kris

Thank you Alison and Kris for representing us at the Torcher parade

NEEDS(Scotland) were very proud to have volunteer Alison and her son Kris represent us at the Torcher Parade in Aberdeen on Saturday 28th March. Alison was delighted to do this, as she was very keen to celebrate her daughter’s recovery from an eating disorder. 28th March, 7 years ago, was the day her daughter was admitted to hospital, and the family were obviously very anxious for her. These are her words,

“My daughter and I have both come a long way in seven years. I will carry that torch with

PRIDE for the beautiful young woman my daughter is blossoming into;
BELIEF that with the right treatment, support and understanding these hideous illnesses can be overcome and
HOPE for the future of other young people blighted by eating disorders, that we can help them to turn negatives into positives by using our own personal knowledge and experiences, to offer compassion, understanding and support when they need it most without judgement or criticism.”

On behalf of everyone at NEEDS(Scotland) thank you so much, folks. And, by the way, you look amazing in those fabulous teeshirts!

Alison and Kris with their torches   Alison and Kris

Portlethen Academy win £3000 for NEEDS(Scotland)


On the evening of 14th January, Porthlethen Academy held their final of their Youth Philanthropy Initiative. This is a project where the RMPS Department of secondary schools encourage pupils to form groups, research a local socially based charity and compose a presentation on that charity’s behalf. A winner is chosen per class, and then per school and that winning team is awarded £3000 for their chosen charity.

The winning team of second year pupils, were, Cara Bremner, Jasmine Collett, Craig McLennan and Kirsty Ross. Their presentation featured a very simple but powerful video set to music. We have been selected by quite a few schools already but no team has ever won, so many congratulations to the youngsters at Porthlethen Academy and very well done! As we receive no regular funding, the money will be greatly appreciated. We hope to put it towards facilitator training, and also a day of speakers and workshops for our group members, amongst other things. More details later.